D&DS Editing Services

You say you want a document edited? You’ve found the right place. Welcome to Dirt and Dress Shoes Editing Services!

What I offer is simple: if you have a paper or other text-based document which requires editing, contact me via email here and we can discuss the finer points of how you’d like your paper improved. I will use my lifetime of experience in writing and editing to make the content of your paper attractive and nearly flawless*.

If you are a student, professional, salesperson, marketer, author or journalist, the editing service I offer is ideal for your written works. Even if you aren’t any of these, I will gladly help you polish your text-based document. I gladly offer my services for both fiction and non-fiction works.

My credentials go back to my childhood. I began writing short stories in elementary school, giving each one to my teacher when I finished the first draft. She would make small edits to each of them and return them to me. Immediately after I received each edited draft I would run to the nearest computer and adjust to paper according to her suggestions. From then on I would help my classmates by advising them how to improve the grammar, spelling and word choice in their papers. I continued honing my eye for textual editing throughout school, and in college I added content editing to my “tool belt” of writing abilities. At the end of my college career I began this blog, polishing my own entries thoroughly before posting each. Now I am proud to offer you my services, built over a lifetime, in textual editing.


Fee and payment: How much I charge will depend on the length and type of document you wish to have me edit. Even so, my rates are much lower than having a professional editor take a look at your written work. Send me an email with a description of the document you would like edited if you would like a free estimate. My business has one employee–me–so my operating costs are remarkably low. As such, I can provide you with high-quality services for small fees compared to those of full-time editors. I also respect deadlines, so if you need editing done quickly, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate the date your document is due. To make payments, click on the “Editing Services payments” link under the “D&DS Editing Services” option in the main menu. All payments must be made up front. I will not begin my services until I have received full payment.

Communication: All business communication will typically be conducted through email. However, if a phone conversation is needed due to time constraints (to discuss a deadline, for example), you may request my phone number in an email.

Refunds: Generally I do not give refunds. However, I will make exceptions in appropriate cases. For instance, if we discuss your document and complete the payment process, yet after I receive your document I deem it outside my set of abilities to edit, I will inform you and send you a full refund promptly.

To get in touch with me and begin the process of making your text-based document shine, send me an email with a description of your work using this link or using the email address given below. I will respond promptly, letting you know if my service is appropriate for your document; if it is, we can continue our discussion and get your document closer to having appealing and nearly flawless* content!



*Due to the artistic and subjective nature of writing, I cannot promise to deliver a document which is immune to criticism and correction. I also cannot promise that the document you receive back will be a final draft. Depending on your audience, employer or other people invested in the document, more changes and edits may be necessary after I complete my services and send you the finished document. Note that “finished” here means the end of my services for you and does not mean “final,” as in ready to publish, disperse or put on display. Along with the nature of writing, we must also account for the nature of humans: I am not perfect in my ability to catch all awkward sentence structures and other parts of writing which require a human eye to mend. However, I have much practice and skill, and I take pride in my editing abilities, so I will make all the improvements to your document of which I am able. By sending payment, you acknowledge my fallibility and your acceptance to these terms.

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