Vanity, vanity

The years which have passed
In a town I knew well
Have faded in my memory
In a mist I cannot dispel.

Good times came aplenty
With friends who gave me hope
Yet now that I have moved away
I can hardly cope.

Isolation sets in quickly
And pulls me toward despair
It leads me to a burnt-up country
Where life is found nowhere.

And here
I find
in this hopeless mess
Still I
can feel
my God’s call to rest.

It’s not enough, I cry out,
To sit from eight to six
And add to the empire
Which leads with brazened sticks.

Is there not another way
In which you can restore
This world to mercy and forgiveness
From greed and lust for more?

I find myself giving away
The wages which I earn
And simultaneously signing forms
Which promise I’ll be secure.

Yet while
leaves me angered and vexed
I find
in your empathetic Text.

I’ve found no answer which can soothe
The sorrows from my vain labor,
But by one command I’ll face my struggles:
“Love God, and love your neighbor.”

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