Living the dream but not feeling dreamy

Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from a dear friend. In it he told me how he has been keeping up with my life through social media and this blog, and he said, “… it sounds like you’re living the dream!”

I have had many dreams; this is not one of them.

Don’t misunderstand me: I see nothing wrong with having a full-time job in a professional workplace. Nonetheless, the quick transition from student to employee has left me shaking still from the change in lifestyle, as well as the lack of time to pursue my passions. It will likely do the same to most of you who are job-seeking college graduates or are still in school.

To anyone who wants to find fulfillment from “living the dream,” I give you this poem of my experience so far:

Living the dream but not feeling dreamy

I moved to a city, far away,
Thinking a job would bring satisfaction;
But the longer I work, day after day,
I feel like it is a simple distraction.

As a bird seeking shelter from the rain,
Wanting cover in branches of nearby trees,
I find no place for my head to lay,
So forward I trudge with weary knees.

Faith, hope and love–it is these three
Which keep me at peace in the long hours
And from my gloom they set me free
Refreshing my joy when it starts going sour.

For in this time of the Lord’s chastening,
I remember my hope, for it shows He loves me.

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